IAESTE CEC 2023 will take place in Hrabovo which is a suburban part located in the west of Ružomberok. Its creation is related to the construction of a waterworks in the area for the purpose of supplying cotton plants. Tourism contributed to the development, which was related to the construction of the ski resort in Malinô-Brdo. In 1964, a cable car was built from Hrabov to Malinô-Brdo. Today, Hrabovo serves not only as the lower station of the aforementioned cable car, but also as an exit to Veľká Fatra. In addition to the cottage area, there are also many areas for recreation and sports. Currently, the construction of recreational buildings is being carried out in the vicinity of the water reservoir.

How do I get there?

Oh that’s quite simple. Once you cross the borders of Slovakia, just find the nearest road and stop a horse carriage. Local people are very kind and generous. They will have no problem with taking you to Ružomberok.

Just kidding!